Richard Marlow (Earth-616) from Destroyer Vol 3 1 0001

Richard in his monstrosity form

Richard Marlow was the older brother of Kevin Marlow, better known as the Destroyer. The elder Marlow spent his life living in the shadow of his kid brother, blaming him for never amounting to anything. At some point, this feeling of inferiority led Richard to attempt to acquire superhuman abilities in some unrevealed fashion. Gaining the ability to increase his size and strength by transforming into some sort of large monstrosity, Richard committed many acts of evil before being stopped by his brother.[1]

While incarcerated in a maximum security prison, Richard was visited one day by his brother who informed him that he was dying. Kevin told his brother that he planned to wipe out anyone that he considered to be a possible threat in the future before he died. As such, he saw to it that Richard's shackles were undone for his visit, claiming that he wanted a fair fight. Richard then transformed and fought his brother, but was quickly outmatched by the Destroyer who reached his fist down Richard's throat and pulled out his heart, killing him.[1]


Richard possessed the ability to transform himself into a large monstrous creature which possessed superhuman strength and durability.[1]


Richard's durability only applied to the outside of his body; the inside of his body was a vulnerable as a normal person, which his brother Kevin took advantage of.[1]

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