The past history of Rick Jones of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the creation of the Hulk. In this reality, Rick would also play his harmonica near Banner's experimental gamma bomb and be rescued from the explosion by Bruce. However, in this reality, when Bruce would transform into the Hulk, he would find that has retained his human intellect.

Rick would accompany Bruce as he tracked down his colleague Igor Drenkov and both would learn that he was a spy for the Russians. Bruce would attack him, but Rick would convince him to stand down and collect the military police to arrest him. Rick and Bruce would run into Betty Ross who would be frightened of Bruce's Hulk form, but Rick would help convince her that Bruce was no threat. Rick would also witness as Bruce would talk the Gargoyle to give up his violent ways and use his scientific knowledge for good[1].

Rick's subsequent activities following this remain unraveled.



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