Rick Jones was dared by his friends to drive onto the Gamma Bomb testing site. Rick was soon found by General Thunderbolt Ross sitting in his car on the test site, playing harmonica. Ross quickly put a gun to Jones's head and ordered him off the premises, as Rick asked what the noise was. A panicked Ross quickly realised that Igor had not stopped the G-Bomb countdown and ordered Rick to run. Just as Rick made it to the protective trench, General Ross was hit by the Gamma Bomb and bombarded with Gamma radiation.

As soon as Ross was hit, he began to transform into a grey-skinned monster and passed out. Unfortunately, when he passed out, he landed on top of Rick in the trench and Ross's sheer mass crushed Rick.

Rick's splatter body was soon discovered by Doctor Bruce Banner and the military. Doctor Banner started to theorize about what had happened to General Ross and Rick's body, as it didn't appear to be exposure to the Gamma Bomb that killed him.



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