Dr. Richard Janus was a college student and a research scientist and friend of Reed Richards. Janus is obsessed with finding a new source of energy, and sought Richards' help to harness this Negative Energy, or "Nega-Power" as he likes to call it.

When Richards moved on to new experiments when results showed no results, Dr. Janus continued his work, and eventually discovered his new "Nega-Power". Dr. Janus was exposed to the energy and was split into two separate beings; Janus and the Nega-Man. The Nega-Man overpowered Dr. Janus, and set out to conquer the planet.

The Nega-Man clashed with the Fantastic Four and developed a module capable of harnessing anti-matter energy. He then attempted to enter the Negative Zone to increase his power. Janus encountered the Negative Zone's ruler, Annihilus who easily defeated him forced him to take him back to Earth. Janus was instead seemingly killed when he was pulled into an anti-matter interface.[1]

Dr. Richard Janus many years later revealed to have survived the experience and faked his death to continue his experiments. Dr. Janus plotted to siphon the power of the Negative Zone, however he was apparently destroyed this time by an energy disruption.[2]


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