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Rhiahn was a bizarre-looking alien creature from another world. He had a large, clamshell-shaped head with one eye, and a propeller tail in place of legs. The warlords of the planet Mega acquired him and used him in their never-ending battle against their rivals, the Betans. Along with two other tremendous monsters, Krollar and Triax, they were sent to Earth on a mission of conquest. The Megans required Earth's resources to continue their rivalry against the Betans and their Beta Beasts. Rhiahn encountered two entities who opposed its goals - Godzilla and Red Ronin. Rhiahn used its propeller tail to sever Red Ronin's robotic head, incapacitating him. In battle with Godzilla however, he was greatly outmatched and the larger monster killed Rhiahn by decapitating him with his own tail.[1]


  • Rhiahn, like his fellow Mega Monsters, is able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protection.
  • The monster's massive fly-trap like mouth is capable of a tenacious grip that is unbreakable unless Rhiahn himself can be induced to release it.
  • Rhiahn also has his anterior bio-blades, cybernetic devices that allow Rhiahn to hover and fly in the manner of a helicopter, and which can also be employed as an actual weapon, whirring at such a speed that they cut through objects like a gigantic buzz saw.

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