Rhamu Rondi was a supposed "Master of the Occult" who had his own seance room that was in operation during the 1940's. A crooked business man, Rondi would agree to work with Harley Stone who was attempting to frighten his aunt Hannah to death by capitalizing on her weak heart, this would be so that Harley could cash in on her fortune. However, they were opposed by Hannah's ward, Linda Wayne who would attempt to talk her out of going to the seance, believing that Rondi was fraud.

Stone and Rondi's plot would attract the attention of the alien Vision who would come to Linda's aid. However when Stone would send men to capture Linda, he would fail to stop them. However, the Vision would track them back to Rondi's business where he would free Linda, and expose Rondi and Stone's plot for the authorities.


Rondi claims to be a master of the occult and have the ability to summon spirits by means of seance. However, none of these claims have been substantiated, and it's entirely possible that he was a fraud.

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