Rex was a loyal follower of Apocalypse during the evil mutant's reign over America. When the X-Man Blink was forced to teleport herself and her teammate Sunfire directly into their hidden headquarters in the ruins of the old Xavier estate, it allowed Rex to nearly pinpoint their location. Bringing this news to Apocalypse, Rex caused Apocalypse to do something that would startle him: smile[1].

When Sebastian Shaw came with information that the mutant known as Karma knew the location of the X-Men's hideout, Apocalypse had her captured and charged Rex with torturing her for the location[2]. Later, Rex was shown the benefits of Donald Pierce's cyborg technology by Apocalypse[3].

When Apocalypse was busy torturing the captured Magneto, Rex interrupted to advise Apocalypse that the Human High Council had launched their nuclear assault on America, and succeeded in turning the Midwest into a nuclear crater. This prompted Apocalypse to launch his sea-wall defense in retaliation[4].

Rex's fate following the death of Apocalypse remains unrevealed.

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