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At a young age, Revelation was sealed in stasis due to the dangerous nature of her powers. Activity underground resulted in her chamber opening and Revelation being released.[1]

Trying to seek answers and redemption she started making her way to the surface, killing everything that entered the range of her ability. First rats, then as she got closer to the top anyone she walked underneath on street level.[2]

Only the Punisher, at this point angelically powered and Wolverine, who's healing factor countered her powers were able to reach her and, reluctantly kill the poor girl.[3]


Death Aura: Revelation constantly emits an aura that kills anyone who enters it. Those with some form of protection or healing ability are shown as immune. Her powers originally manifested as making anyone near her ill, but grew stronger and the aura radius larger with time.[4]


She can't turn her powers off.[4]

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