René Claire and his twin brother Jean were the sons of the wealthy Monty Claire. René had developed a gambling addiction and become desperate for money. With his father's health fading, René poisoned his brother so that he could get the entire family fortune upon his father's death. To make it look like an accident, René loaded Jean's dead body into his car and sent it speeding down a city street to crash, hoping the authorities would presume the crash killed Jean.

However the crash was witnessed by the Angel who instantly realized that Jean was killed by another mean. After meeting with the Claire family to tell them the bad news, the Angel learned from the coroner that Jean was poisoned. Learning of the family situation the Angel suspected that René had killed his brother. In order to get a confession out of him, the Angel made a record pretending to be the ghost of René's brother accusing him of murder. Playing it in the middle of the night with René's Victrola, René confessed the murder. Revealing his ruse the Angel attempted to apprehend the murderer.

Not going down without a fight René was quickly knocked out by the Angel. The final punch sent René reeling and knocked over an urn which contained the poison used to kill his brother. Rene was turned over to the authorities, his subsequent fate is unknown, although the Angel suspected that he would get a death sentence.[1]







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