Gambit is one of the several Mutants from throughout the Multiverse who were captured by the Collector to be put at the disposal of the participants of the Contest of Champions.

Contest of Champions

At some point after being captured, Gambit escaped from the Collector's clutches along with Rogue and went to the ends of Battlerealm to prevent him from ever finding them again.

X-Men: Terrigenocide

Gambit was one of the many mutants throughout Battlerealm to be affected by the ISO-Terrigen Mist. When the X-Men approached him to ask for his help in preventing Magneto from proceeding with his plan of stealing the Collector's Ship, Gambit didn't remember them and attacked them, forcing them to fight him.

Gambit managed to escape, but the X-Men were able to track him down thanks to Wolverine. This time, however, Gambit wasn't alone as Rogue appeared to help him defeat their former teammates.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.

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