When his Earth was consumed by a vampire plague, Reed was one of the heroes who was eventually turned into a vampire. After the blood source that was Earth's population was completely wiped out by the vampires, he realized that the infected individuals would never stop and built a bomb to drop on Earth's core, which would effectively stop the plague, but kill all on Earth at the same time. He was too scared to use it, hoping to find another way, possibly to cure the vampire virus. It is during this time he befriended former enemy Harvey Elder.

When Bloodstorm and Iron Man 2020 arrived on his Earth, they were led to the hideout of the last heroes. After informing Reed of the Celestial embryo growing at Earth core (and killing the Iron Man of that Earth) the duo left. After this, Reed gained the resolve needed to drop the bomb on Earth's core. His last words were a thank-you to the Mole Man for being one of the few people Reed could trust.[1]


Seemingly those of Reed Richards of Earth-616 plus the typical attributes and powers of a Earth vampire.


Seemingly those of Reed Richards of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of a Earth Vampire

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