The original version of the Redeemer Armor was created by the Leader to be worn by Craig Saunders, Jr..[1] Saunders wore the suit to battle the Hulk on a number of occasions.[1][2] When it was claimed that Saunders died, the suit was passed on to be worn by Thaddeus Ross, who was a mindless drone of the Leader at the time. The suit was subsequently destroyed in another battle with the Hulk.[3]

The armor was later recovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. and underwent some redesigns. It was pronounced a failure and put in storage. Years later, the Leader and the Intelligencia utilized the armor again to try and destroy the Red Hulk. It was piloted by a Life Model Decoy of Thaddeus Ross. Both the Redeemer Armor and the Ross LMD were destroyed in the encounter.[4]

A modified version of the suit is now being used by Reginald Fortean to hunt and eliminate the Red Hulk for killing General Ross but didn't realize that his superior officer and the red powerhouse are one and the same.[5] He later used the same armor in pursuit of the Red She-Hulk as well.[6]

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