The man who who became known as the Redcoat has an ancestry that dates back to the American revolution. His ancestors were Royalists who travelled to America with expensive jewels to present to George Washington, wishing him to be installed as King of America. Although Washington accepted the gift, he chose instead to be given power by the people and instead became the first elected President of the United States. The royalists returned to England, apparently shamed. After they had died they were placed in the Vaults of Westminster, located in Westminster Abbey.

Centuries later in 1947, the Redcoat learned that these jewels were being shipped from the United States to be put on display in Britain. Seeking to restore his family honour, the Redcoat amassed a gang of minions to steal the jewels from the cruise ship transporting them. He promised his minions that they were selling the jewels and that they would get a cut, intending to deceive them in the end.

Their plan did not go as smoothly as they intended as aboard the ship guarding the jewels were private investigator Mark Mason and costumed heroine Blonde Phantom who attempted to prevent the theft, but failed. Mason was creased by a bullet for his troubles, but overheard Redcoat's orders to his men to meet him at the Blue Dove Tavern. Going there, Blonde Phantom discovered the double cross and after turning Redcoat's men to the Scotland Yard rushed to Westminster Abbey.

There she confronted the Redcoat who almost choked her to death if not for the timely arrival of Mark Mason and the Scotland Yard. Mason chased the Redcoat to the upper levels of the tomb where the Redcoat stumbled over the railing and fell to his death.[1]


The Redcoat had a dependency on nicotine from his use of Snuff.

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