A synthetic man created by Will Magnus to be his secret weapon against the Judgment League Avengers, the Red Vision was intended to join the crime-fighting organization as a new member and then provide Will Magnus with secret information about the other members that would lead to their defeat. However, Magnus' plans were foiled when the disembodied spirit of an air elemental took the soulless form as its own, transforming the synthezoid into a powerful force for good.[citation needed]

In desperate need of repairs, Red Vision was brought to the JLX by Blue Jacket and Wonder-Gold (his Judgment League Avengers teammates) for a much-needed tune-up.[1]


As a synthezoid, the Red Vision can survive attacks that would kill an ordinary human being. Since being possessed by a disembodied air elemental, it seems as if Red Vision can manipulate the air around him for a variety of effects.

Red Vision is an amalgamation of Marvel's Vision and DC's Red Tornado

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