"Red" Skelton was an international criminal wanted for murder and theft in London, New York, and Paris. Posing as a pilot he flew renown botanist Professor Rice and his daughter Mara to the Belgian Congo for a month long expedition to find rare plant species. Red feigned having plane troubles and attempted to make a pass at Mara. When this failed, he tried to force the professor to sign over a large amount of money and force Mara to marry him in exchange for being safely returned home. When the professor refused, Red shot him dead and chased Mara into the jungle, deciding to kill her so that he could ration food until getting out of the jungle.

Unknown to anyone, this tableau was being witnessed by Ka-Zar who sent Zar to track Mara while he investigated Red's plane. When Ka-Zar accidentally set the plane ablaze, Red returned to it's landing site and attempted to shoot the jungle man. Ka-Zar dodged the bullet and cut Red's throat, killing him.


Red was capable of flying an airplane.


Red flew a biplane.


Red was armed with a pistol.

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