Red John was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. Relocating to Leadville, Texas he was hired by Grant Dumont in a grand scheme to eliminate both the local nesters and ranchers so he could take over their lands. To this end, he had Red John get hired up by sheep rancher Sash Grail, who had ambitions of doing the same thing only using the land to graze sheep. While the entire plot was being blamed on Grail, Red Josh also impersonated the western hero Black Rider in order to turn the people of Leadville against their local hero. However, the real Black Rider tracked down Red John and confronted him. During the gunfight, Red Josh was fatally shot. Dying he confessed the entire plot, and the Black Rider -- his name cleared -- led the people of Leadville in stopping both Sash Grail and Grant Dumont.[1]


Red rode a horse.


Red was armed with a pair of six shooters.

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