Red Coyote was a Native American who was alive during the days of the American Frontier. He had disagreed with the elders of his tribe on the decision to live peacefully with the white people who had settled in the region near Trail's End, Texas. He then began sowing descent among the young braves and launched attacks on the town.

This prompted a local Texas Ranger to seek out the aid of the Two-Gun Kid who agreed to see what he could do about Red Coyote's attacks. As they rode into the Natives territory, the Ranger was killed by bow and arrow, but the Two-Gun Kid used his skills (taught to him by Native American's) to evade death, impressing the Natives, but they captured him none the less. When Red Coyote boasted about the superiority of his people over those of the white men, Two-Gun challenged Red Coyote to a duel to prove this.

The elders agreed to this duel and had the two battle with tomahawks on horseback to the death. If Red Coyote had won, they would go to war against the white man, if Two-Gun won they would continue to live in peace. During the fight, Red Coyoto gained the upper hand when he managed to knock Two-Gun off his horse. But Two-Gun easily dismounted Red Coyote as well and beat him senseless. Unable to bring himself to kill Red Coyote in cold blood, Two-Gun instead put the fear into the Native American by nearly trampling him to death with his horse.

Shamed by his defeat, Red Coyote used a knife and stabbed himself in the heart, dying instantly. With Red Coyote's defeat, his people vowed to continue to live in coexistence with the white settlers in the region.[1]




Red Coyote rode a horse.


Red Coyote war armed with traditional Native American weapons commonly used during the American Frontier: These included a dagger, a bow and arrow, and a tomahawk.

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