Rebecca and her brother, Anthony, were born to a Christian preacher and his wife in the small town of Divinity. However, their mother soon deserted the family, unable to cope with her husband's religious fundamentalism. When his children manifested mutant powers, Reverend Sloan turned physically abusive, claiming that they were creations of the Devil. One day, Rebecca predicted her father's death at the hands of her brother, but her father did not believe her and began beating her for using her powers. Sure enough, Anthony witnessed this and vaporized Reverend Sloan in a rage using his pyrokinesis, also disfiguring himself.

Anthony, driven completely insane, sought to cleanse the world of evil, which his father taught in his sermons was concentrated in "Slime Street" in New York City. Rebecca had another vision, this one about Power Man and Iron Fist, and her brother's death. With Power Man's aid, she reached her brother, who was battling Iron Fist in the State Hotel on Times Square. In the course of the battle, Anthony lost control of his powers and they turned back on him at ten times the usual intensity, causing an explosion that buried him beneath a pile of rubble.


Rebecca was a precognitive able to accurately foresee future events in her mind's eye.

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