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The first members of the Reavers came into being when the mutant villain Mastermind attempted to mentally control Jean Grey, in a bid to join the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. In the resulting confrontation with the X-Men, Wolverine fell victim to Leland's mass-increasing powers, ending up in the New York sewer system, and was believed dead. However, Wolverine, very much alive, reentered the club through a secret sub-basement entrance, attacked a group of mercenaries sent to track him down - Wade Cole, Angelo Macon, and Murray Reese - and critically injured them with his claws. These men were eventually recovered and then converted to cyborgs, continuing to serve the Hellfire Club as a special task squad.

Their first assignment following their reconstruction was to take down the X-Men after Hellfire leader Emma Frost had switched consciousnesses with Storm, and later they assisted Donald Pierce in trying to kill the fledgling New Mutants. However, in both cases they were defeated and eventually went underground for some time.

The first incarnation of the Reavers was a group of cyborgs operating from the Australian outback led by Donald Pierce. They were seemingly destroyed by the Sentinels on the order of the Upstart from the future Fitzroy[1].

Lady DeathStrike made an oath to the Reverend William Stryker, creator of the Purifiers. She promised to him that in the mutant's darkest hours she would help his Purifiers. She recreated the Reavers. They caught up with Cable, just in time for the X-Force to attack. Lady Deathstrike took on X-23 and was seemingly killed. The other Reavers died, but not without killing Caliban first.

After being recomposed by Donald Pierce and gathered by Deathstrike, they assaulted Utopia, before being defeated by X-Force.

Old Man Logan

After rumors of the return of the recently deceased Wolverine started spreading, the Reavers, lead by Deathstrike, began tracking him down. Unknown to them this was an older version of Logan, and the present one was still dead.[2] They eventually found him in the isolated town of Killhorn Falls, Canada, where Logan was attempting to live a peaceful life.[3] Deathstrike and the Reavers attacked the town, massacrating it's inhabitants as revenge against Wolverine. At the end, Logan managed to kill all the Reavers except Deathstrike, who escaped after being seriously injured.[4]


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