Raza was leader of the Brotherhood of the Sciers. When their old nemesis Kaine began roughing up Scriers over a precognitive vision he had of a Scrier murdering Spider-Girl, Raza renewed their feud with Kaine. In a bit of a predestination paradox, she chose to target Spider-Girl, a known ally of Kaine's, thus initiating the same sequence of events Kaine intended to prevent in the first place.

Unfortunately for Raza, Spider-Girl was also of interest to their old ally, the crime lord Black Tarantula. The Tarantula approached Raza asking that Spider-Girl be spared their attention, but by that point the defeat of Spider-Girl had become a matter of honor for the Scriers, and Raza denied the request. The Black Tarantula then challenged Raza to the death for leadership of the Brotherhood. The Black Tarantula won the duel and killed Raza, absorbing the Brotherhood of the Scriers into his own power base.[1]


Hands honed into the ultimate striking implements through rigorous training, able to cut through flesh and withstand great force

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