Ox appeared alongside the other Enforcers. He is a large man with a black handlebar mustache, which Spider-Man yanks with his webbing. He then leaves the big man suspended from a high building, a thin sheath of web wrapped about his fists, recommending sardonically that he "wouldn't recommend" breaking it, though he easily can. Ox alongside the other villains escape from Ryker's Island. [1]

He and Fancy Dan flee with Hammerhead and Montana as Shocker assists the other villains. Ox is given a power suit that increases his strength. Alongside Shocker and Ricochet, the three stage several robberies fighting Spider-Man along the way. In the end, The Enforcers are all captured and arrested. In a humorous moment, Ox can be heard humming the show's theme song while in the elevator, to the annoyance of Shocker and Ricochet.[2]

Later, Ox (alongside Montana and Fancy Dan) are shown as inmates at the Vault at the time when Spider-Man tests out it's security system. He is freed alongside the other inmates and joins the Enforcers in helping Silvermane take down Spider-Man. He seems to break the fourth wall, due to the fact that he was humming the theme song during a time where they have to use the elevator in the Vault. His comrades look at him, and he replies, "What? It's catchy."[3]


Seemingly those of Raymond Bloch (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Raymond Bloch (Earth-616)#Abilities.


Ox possesses a power suit made by the Tinkerer which grants him super strength.

Ox appeared alongside the other Enforcers in The Spectacular Spider-Man initially voiced by Clancy Brown and later by Danny Trejo.

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