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Mystique has come a long way since the House of M came into power. During her youth, Mystique used her shape-changing abilities to move from place to place and get what she wanted. It was not until the triumph of Magneto that she saw the possibilities. During this time, she was recruited by Sebastian Shaw to become a part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mystique has recently begun a relationship with her commanding officer, Wolverine. He has been undergoing some emotional trauma of late and Mystique is uncertain how to deal with this. It is clear, however, that she cares very deeply for him and will do anything for him.


Mystique can psionically shift the atoms of her body to duplicate any humanoid of either sex, wearing any kind of clothing. She can precisely duplicate another person's retinal pattern, fingerprints, palm and skin-pore patterns, and vocal cords. She can increase her volume, but not her mass. Mystique's power grants her age retardation, increased healing, and immunity to drugs and poisons.

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