The Raptor Armor are a race of sentient androids used primarily by a forgotten sect of Shi'ar operatives known as the Fraternity of Raptors. The purpose of the Fraternity was to maintain the Shi'ar Empire through nefarious means such as kidnapping, and assassination.[1] [2] By use of the Raptor Amulet a host is able to summon a Raptor from Null Space. Once summoned the Raptor takes the host's place in the "real world" while the host's body is permanently stored in the Tree of Shadows. [3]

Human teenager Chris Powell found one of these Amulets and used it to become the hero Darkhawk. Because of his Human physiology Chris could exert control over his Raptor. [3]

Avengers Arena

The Amulet was temperedly owned by Chase Stein a member of the Runaways who found the Amulet while trapped in Arcade's Murderworld. Before giving it back.

Strength level

The Armor allows the uses to lift in the excess of 2 tons.


The revelations regarding the Fraternity of Raptors retroactively undo the origins of Evilhawk , Overhawk, Ocsh and Portal. Evilhawk and Osch were explicitly revealed to be hallucinations created by Chris Powell after his mind was unable to cope with the datasong when he became Darkhawk. Overhawk is presumably another hallucination. Portal is a bit more complicated to explain away as he was introduced as Charles Little Sky before Darkhawk was ever introduced. It's unclear if Portal's armor is a manifestation of Chris's mind, Charles mind or if Charles simply has the armor of a former member of the Fraternity of Raptors.


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