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Randall Shire ran a small traveling carnival in Australia, and became possessed by Semijan to enslave Key and his brother Wall with his mutant vocal power. Key was forced to serve Shire, but still managed to alert Clarity, an enigmatic source of the mutant hero Cable's journalist friend Irene Merryweather, of Semijan's plans for Shire.

After Cable stopped an assassination attempt on Shire by another Undying known as Aentaros and discredited Shire in the eyes of those he'd enslaved, thus freeing them from his control, Key and his brother aided Cable in breaking into the Undying's stronghold. It was Key who reprogrammed the Undying's artificial intelligence program causing them to be unable to possess anything except cockroaches for the rest of eternity.

He was later depowered after M-Day.[1]

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