As a renown biographer, Randy Andros decided to write his next book on Otto Octavius started by researching to write an autobiography by examining Octavius' origins and how a laboratory explosion had fused the tentacles to his mind and body. Randy went on to interview friends and family members. Randy found one of Octavius' former workers at the the USARC, Brian Huss and Dinah Dunn. Brian Huss told Randy that the only person who knew Dr. Octavius on a personal level was Dr. Mary Alice Anders. He said they dated for a bit before breaking up.

Four days later, Randy went over his notes and found that everybody seemed to have different impressions of Dr. Octavius. Randy decided to talk with reporters for the Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson. Mr. Jameson called Dr. Octavius "nutty as a fruitcake" and "as big a menace as Spider-Man," and then went on a rant about Spider-Man.

Next, Randy learned about brain specialist Dr. Kevin Hunt, who first proclaimed that Octavius had suffered from brain damage after the explosion. Randy interviewed Joe Robertson, who provided the names of some of George Stacy's friends, as George Stacy was one of Doc Ock's most famous murders. After the interview, Ben Urich introduced Randy to Phil Sheldon, who had interviewed Doc Ock shortly after George Stacy's death. Sheldon told Randy that despite all the talk of how crazy Doc Ock was, the man he interviewed was "frighteningly sane."

Randy found Dr. Kevin Hunt working at the ESU Medical Center, who said he was still not one hundred percent sure of his initial diagnosis declaring Dr. Octavius brain damaged. Rather, he theorized that the strange brain behavior he had observed came from Dr. Octavius' brain adjusting to the four new limbs. Randy finds Doc Ock's cousin, Thomas Hargrove, and learns more about Otto Octavius' childhood. After she told Urich and Conover to pass his number to Peter Parker, the photographer called Randy. Peter recounted the time when his Aunt May had taken in Octavius as a boarder, looking for a place to stay.

The next day, Mary Alice Burke's lawyer, Clarice Levin, called Randy and said she would have to advise her client not to speak with him. Clarice claimed that any information her client might give to Randy could jeopardize her pending lawsuit against Octavius. Randy's next phone call came from the Vulture's lawyer, Ruth Asby. She told Randy she would have to advise her client not to talk with Randy in fear that it might interfere with his rehabilitation. Later that day, Kathryn Huck called Randy and told her to come to her office fast. There, she met Dr. Octavius' lawyer, Alan Schechter, who said he had issued a court order to stop Randy from publishing his book until after his client's trial. Doc Ock's lawyer finished by indefinitely postponing his client and Randy's meeting.

However, the next day, Schechter called Kathryn and said his client still wants to talk with Randy, and the biographer hurried to Ryker's Island. Octavius asked Randy why he wanted to write about his life. Randy replied that he had finished writing Iron Man's biography, and was interested in paranormal beings. Throughout their interview, Octavius asserted that he was the master of radiation, and that everything under his control goes as planned. Doc Ock explained Spider-Man could only react to whatever situation he applied to the city. Doc Ock eventually grew bored of Randy's questions and asked him to leave.

Randy left the interview in a daze and started to agree with Phil Sheldon's characterization of the villain. When Randy enters his apartment, he found a stranger sitting on his couch reading a magazine. The man pointed a silenced gun at Randy and said, "My name's Niner. We got a mutual acquaintance in common, Mr. Andros. Name of Otto. He wanted to send a message to people who mess around with his life."

The man pulled the trigger and left, leaving Randy for the dead. Spider-Man swung by, planning on telling Randy to pick a different subject for his next biography, but realized he was too late and called an ambulance. As Randy lost consciousness, he tried to explain to Spider-Man that Octavius is not crazy, but just evil. Later, Randy woke up in the hospital and spent the next three weeks recovering. She received a note from Spider-Man saying he hoped she was wrong about Octavius. Randy decided to stop writing the biography and instead turned his career toward the realm of fiction.[1]

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