Rammatpolen is an extradimensional realm that is home of various species. The prominent species is a race of Dragons that exist there that can form symbiotic bonds with other beings. They are raised and nurtured by the "shrub like" Houdaks in order to be steeds for the Dragon Riders, that realm's greatest warriors. Decades ago, the realm was visited by at least one human being from the Earth dimension who had a son named Ral Dorn. In more recent times the Dragon Riders were ruled by the Dragon Lord Skagerackrakor, however his sanity was beginning to wane. Seeking to use a dragon army to invade the Earth, he poisoned the few dragons who were being trained to link with the next generations of Dragon Riders, then frame Ral for the killing. When Ral fled to Earth, Skagerackrakor sent the Dragon Riders after him. There Ral teamed up with the Fantastic Four and they located the Dragon Man android, who Ral sought to make his steed. With Dragon Man, Ral exposed Skagerackrakor's plot and ended it. Skagerackrakor was subsequently replaced by Ral Dorn as the new Dragon Lord. [1]


Ral Dorn, Skagerackrakor, Dragon Riders, Lalique

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