Ralph Sorrell took a drive out of Miami, while drunk. The drunk driver crashed into a bus in the middle of Man-Thing's Swamp, killing all 50 people on board except for four survivors. The survivors were Mary Brown, Jim Arsdale, Holden Crane and a seriously-injured Kevin Kennerman. Ralph joined the group of survivors, who began to travel through the swamp. Their intention was to get to the closest town and get medical help for Kevin. When they thought they reached the town, Ralph turned on the rest of them because he was more concerned about being arrested for his drunk driving. He killed Jim and Holden before Man-Thing rescued Mary and Kevin. [1]

Ralph discovered a flame thrower in a nearby construction site. He attempted to use it to burn Man-Thing, but failed to kill him. Man-Thing struck back, grabbed him, and burned Ralph to death. [1]

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