Ral Dorn was a human of Earthling parentage who leads the Dragon Riders of the extradimensional world of Rammatpolen. The Dragon Riders use dragons as mounts in their journeys through time and space.

Ral Dorn trained from a young age to be able to ride dragons. He was accepted into the Dragon Riders but told he would not get a dragon. Wondering why, Ral went to the dragon pens and found all the dragons dead by poison. Others arriving at the scene assumed Ral did it so he ran away.

He was pursued by Dragon Lord Skagerackrakor, but fought him off, injuring the side of his face. He and his friend Lalique escaped to Earth so that he could find Dragon Man and make him his dragon steed. They went to where Dragon Man was made and found the Thing of the Fantastic Four, who sent him to a hospital.

At the hospital, Lalique magically healed Dorn, but told him he now thought Ral was guilty of killing the dragons and left. Ral went to the Baxter Building to get help from the Fantastic Four, but was attacked by the Human Torch, who though Ral was an enemy. There Ral demonstrated his ability to absorb fire. Ral told the Fantastic Four his story and they agreed to help him.

They found the Dragon Man and Ral formed a sympathetic bond with him, becoming his new rider. He went back to Rammatpolen to face the charges against him. There he faced Skagerackrakor in trail by combat. Skagerackrakor tried to cheat by using a secret grenade, but ended up blowing up his own Dragonstaff. Ral won the fight and Skagerackrakor confessed to poisoning the dragons. He also confessed that he had unleashed all of Rammatpolen's dragons on Earth in order to destroy it. Ral Dorn, the Fantastic Four, and all the Dragon Riders succeeded in rounding up the dragons and bringing them back to Rammatpolen. Dorn was made the new Dragon Lord. [1]


Can form a sympathetic bond with dragons and fly them through time and space to other dimensions. Ral Dorn is highly resistant to heat and flames.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Dorn carries a Dragonstaff, which is a small bar than can expand into a large staff that has thorns on it. The Dragonstaff absorbs fire, storing it to be released later, at the user's command.

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