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Chinese Government
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Original team created by Edwin Cord's company Cordco. The robotic drones were then purchased by the Chinese government.
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The Raiders are a group three mercenaries, given battle armor by Edwin Cord of Cordco, who intended to recover from the disaster of his previous Mauler Armor. They were first seen during the 24th annual Conclave of Electronics Engineers and Innovators in Dallas, Texas. At the event companies such as Cordco, S.H.I.E.L.D, C.T.E. and Roxxon Oil Corporation show the latest development in technology.[1]

The trio were employees of Edwin Cord, head of Cordco and a corporate rival of Stark Industries. Edwin Cord knew that Iron Man, as Stark's bodyguard, would follow him to the trade show, and used this opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the Raider suits to S.H.I.E.L.D. Under orders of Edwin Cord, the Raiders attacked the technology trade show and cause property damage until the arrival of the heroes Iron Man, Scott Lang tackled them despite Lang having left his Ant-Man equipment in New York. The trio skirmish with Iron Man for a moment, with one of the Raiders using acid to damage the hero's armor. During a second battle at a live boxing match, Iron Man defeated all three Raiders. The Raiders were tricked when Iron Man used his image inducer to create holograms of himself to distract the three mercenaries. Iron Man sucker punched the group and took the fight outside where there would be a less chance of harming innocent people. After an intense battle, Iron Man prevailed and all three Raiders were apprehended.[1]

The Raider's employer Edwin Cord showed a film of their exploits to S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Burke to try and get a weapons contract they formerly offered to Stark, but they were aghast at Cord's illegal means and arrested him.[1]

The Raiders reappear, with upgraded suits, during the Armor Wars. Tony discovers his armor designs have been stolen and decides to retrieve or neutralize the technology, leading to a brief confrontation with the Raiders, in which their suits are rendered defunct. [2]

When the Avengers West Coast battle Kearson DeWitt, the members Hawkeye, Wonder Man, and Living Lightning defend Stark Enterprises against the invading Raiders, Seekers and Hunters. While Iron Man, and Darkhawk infiltrate an island A.I.M. complex. [3]

The Raiders were later part of an army of armor-wearing mercenaries hired to attack Stark Enterprises.[4]

Over time the technology was sold to the People's Republic of China. The are now piloted by Chinese soldiers. With the time, they changed from people in suits to remotely-controlled armors.

When Iron Man flies to Taipei, China to survey the wreckage of Starkdynamics. The Raiders descend from the sky and announce that Iron Man does not have any authority on Chinese soil and that he is to surrender himself immediately. After quickly scanning the Raiders armor, he realizes that these are drone suits operated via remote control. He then flies off and the Raiders trail after him. Once he gets into international waters he can destroy the armored combatants without risk of igniting an international incident. [5]


Equipment: * Raider Armor: Each of the Raider suits provide the wearer with greater durability and flight, and offer varying weapons systems:

    • Raider 1: is equipped with wristbands that can generate bullets; acid and lasers.
    • Raider 2: is equipped with a net capable of siphoning energy and a protective shield that absorbs energy attacks.
    • Raider 3: has two wrist weapons that project and amplify sonic waves in concentrated form.

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