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Rahne Sinclair was one of the many mutants imprisoned in Sinister's slave pens during the reign of Apocalypse. Upon Apocalypse's downfall, the X-Men released the slaves, including Rahne. She joined the X-Men in their mission to capture the mutants who willingly aided Apocalypse, hoping to someday capture Sinister.

In one of her first missions with the X-Men she helped capture the Hellions[1]. She later accompanied her fellow X-Men to the Morlock tunnels to help convince them to return to the surface, leading to a clash with the group[2]. She also clashed with the Guthrie family in Washington D.C.[3] before clashing with their sister Paige who was posing as Rahne's teammate Xorn[4]. Upon her death, Paige revealed that Magneto had been blackmailed into hiding Sinister, angering Rahne[4].

Rahne's current activities are unknown. Presumably she still operates with the X-Men.

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