Wolfbsbane ultimate

Rahne earlier appearance

Wolfsbane was first seen in her hybrid form at a Coney Island Freak Show, relaxing along with other mutants. She was seen on a view screen in her human form and received passing mention during the selection process for Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow, in which the President of the United States says, "No to the wolf girl". he would later appear as part of the Mutant Liberation Front, participating in mutant demonstrations and rallies. She was thought to be killed during one of the many Fenris Twin Sentinels attack upon the MLF.

Alpha Flight

However, it was revealed that the Alpha Flight member known as Sasquatch was in fact Rahne Sinclair, making it her first official named appearance. She, and the rest of her team, used a power enhancing drug known as Banshee, which can induce a secondary mutation, or further an existing mutation, for example turning Angel into a large anthropomorphic eagle. Rahne still can revert to a more human appearance when she powers down. Later, she was injured by Nightcrawler, who, while trying to teleport her away, seemingly teleports part of her arm off. She was later defeated by Rogue when she rampaged through Department H looking for the Vindicator.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Superhuman Strength




Carrier Jet

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