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After Vlad Dracula killed her parents and gave her a scar across her forehead, Rachel was raised by Quincy Harker, who taught her to hunt and kill vampires[2]. She saved Taj Nital from an attack by vampires led by Dracula. Even though the attack left him a mute and his son infected by vampirism, Taj then joined Rachel in her quest[4]. She later fought alongside Quincy, Taj, Frank Drake and Blade, during which time she developed an uneasy romantic relationship with Drake. She eventually became a vampire herself. Rather than suffer the shame of being something she once hunted, she allowed Wolverine to mercy kill her.

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Lower stats pre-vampire


Typical abilities of a human vampire

Strength level

Enhanced strength


Typical weaknesses of a human vampire



Tomb of Dracula #20 mentions that she had a brother who had died some time before her parents were murdered by Dracula.

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