Rachel Summers was conceived on a mesa near Angel's Aerie in New Mexico. She was born after her mother was stripped of the power of the Phoenix.

During the event known as the Secret Wars, Shadow King and Mastermind assaulted Jean in the X-Mansion and stole Rachel away from her. The Shadow King brought Rachel to Muir Island and used equipment once owned by Eric the Red to age the infant girl into a body suitable for his host.

Shadow King's attack reawakened the Phoenix Force in Jean Grey, however, and the mother returned to protect her child. Farouk and Wyndgarde died, and Phoenix used her powers to restore Rachel to her rightful age.

Over the years that followed, the Mutant Registration Act was passed, and Rachel began demonstrating telepathic and telekinetic abilities of her own. She once confessed to "Uncle" Logan that she had dreams, vague memories of her time under the Shadow King's control, and the return of her mother's power.


Seemingly those of Rachel Summers (Earth-811)#Powers.

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