Raama was wizard of ancient legend.[3]

Early years

He was known as "Raama, Binder of Demons",[1] was remembered for banishing and/or imprisoning a number of powerful demons, most notably the apocalyptic Spectre of Silence (whom he sealed in the castle known as the Skull of Silence),[3] or Helgor.[2]

He eventually died.[3]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

His legend was already considered ancient in King Kull's time.[3]

Hyborian Age

By the Hyborian Age even further after his time, Raama's name was often invoked as part of spells to conjure demons, presumably ones he had managed to confine,[citation needed] or in divination spells.[1]


Raama has been described as being one of the greatest minds of his age, soundly and cleverly defeating a number of powerful demons.[citation needed] He may have been an early Sorceror Supreme.[citation needed]


Ramama was considered to have been the "greatest mind of all the ages".

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