Ra'ktar is the leader of the Molans a Subterranean race that reside from deep, beneath Subterranea. Ra'ktar, one day, came to the level of Subterranea to conquer and usurp the throne from the Mole Man. Mayor Jameson is brought to Subterranea, by the Moloids. He is then captured by the Molans and he refuses to kneel before Ra'ktar, the new the Molan king of Subteranea. This angers him and Jameson is taken away, unaware of what's happening since Molans speak in runes.

When Jameson asks why he was brought here, Mole Man says that the Molans came up from the uber-depths to take Subteranea. The Moloids kidnapped him looking for help from New York's ruler. And by refusing to kneel to Ra'ktar, they took it as a challange to take his throne, and now they must do battle.

They are brought to Ra'ktar, who forges his weapon, the King Blade, from hard stone. But before he can battle Jameson, Spider-Man and Red Hulk come to his aid. Red Hulk challenges Ra'ktar as Jameson's champion, but he is quickly cut down by the King Blade and stabbed through the chest.


Ra'ktar possesses superhuman strength, durability and agility. He was adapted to subterranean living, possessing infra-red vision and likely increased retinal rods, enhancing his vision in low light but also making him more sensitive to sudden bright lights. He could function well in low oxygen environments (including thick smoke) as well as in extremes of heat or cold.

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