Quote1 Nice armor, birdbrains! Too bad it doesn't protect your faces! Quote2
-- R'tee

As a member of Cadre K, and a mutant Skrull, R'tee believed in the ideals of Charles Xavier, and fought to spread them throughout the galaxy.



  • Mutant Powers:
    • Spikes: He can extend his melee range with spikes much harder than bone extended out of his body.
    • Projectile Spikes: He can launch spikes made out of bones that are much harder than regular Skrull bone from apparently anywhere from his body. He usually launched them from either his arms or his stomach.
    • Wallcrawling: Another use for his bone spikes was to climb up walls by growing bone spikes from his feet.
    • Enhanced Strength: His strength is almost twice that of an average Skrull, it's likely a result of hardening his bones.
    • Possible Healing Factor: He also probably has an accelerated healing rate to seal the wounds, caused by projecting his spikes, with no visible scarring.

  • R'tee seemed unable to prevent his body from forming a spiky exterior, though one of his appearances seemed to suggest that he could restrain them a bit.[1]

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