The R'malk'i are a ruthlessly capitalistic race of mobile plant-like creatures from the planet R'malk'z.[1] Adam Warlock encountered a certified representative of their most powerful corporation, Interplaneteur Inc. Which is an intergalactic corporation that was in the process of repossessing the spaceship (collateral for a loan) and stranding its pilot in outer space to die. Adam Warlock interfered and saved the pilots life.[2]

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Habitat: 81% of surface covered by water in a temperate climate
Gravity: 94% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 22% oxygen
Population: 3.6 billion


Type of Government: Governed by corporations, the most powerful of which is "Interplaneteur Inc," which has established bases in other galaxies[1]
Level of Technology: Advanced warp driven starships[1]
Cultural Traits: Greedy, capitalistic, insensitive, exploitative[1]
Representatives: Cmar Har, Marr Gar; Beppe III

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