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R'Klll was a Skrull empress. She avenged her father by assassinating her husband, the Emperor Dorrek VII.

Her reign following Dorrek's death was marked by several attempts at peace (the end of the war against Xandar, and the treaty ending the Kree war) and the destruction of the Throneworld. She died along with several billion of her people when Galactus consumed Tarnax IV.

After her death and the destruction of the homeworld, the Skrull empire descended into internecine power struggles due to the power vaccuum. Eventually five Skrull claimants emerged and vied for the role of Emperor.[2] S'Byll emerged the victor and was installed as Empress after she was able to restore the Skrulls shape-shifting powers which had been lost when Zabyk detonated a bomb robbing the Skrulls of their power.



  • Skrull-clothing: R'Klll wears a Skrull-clothing, which alters as she changes shape and size.


  • Skrull-Transport Ships: R'Klll will frequently use the advanced warp-drive starships of the Skrull-military.

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