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Modern-Age, Quicksilver Vol 1, Bob Harras/Editor-in-Chief, Derec Aucoin/Cover Artist, Tom Peyer/Writer, Joe Edkin/Writer, Derec Aucoin/Penciler, Alexander Morrissey/Penciler, Ralph Cabrera/Inker, Al Milgrom/Inker, Joe Rosas/Colourist, Albert Deschesne/Letterer, Comicraft/Letterer, Richard Starkings/Letterer, Mark Bernardo/Editor, Pietro Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)/Appearances, Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Medusalith Amaquelin (Earth-616)/Appearances, Karnak Mander-Azur (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gorgon Petragon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Triton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lockjaw (Earth-616)/Appearances, Luna Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Knights of Wundagore (Earth-616)/Appearances, Bova Ayrshire (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sir Ram II (Earth-616)/Appearances, Man-Beast (Earth-616)/Appearances, Alpha Primitives/Appearances, Maximus (Earth-616)/Appearances, Acolytes (Earth-616)/Appearances, Bennet du Paris (Earth-616)/Appearances, Fabian Cortez (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sarah Ryall (Earth-616)/Appearances, St. John Allerdyce (Earth-616)/Appearances, Arkady Rossovich (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maria Callasantos (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-616)/Appearances, League of Evil Inhumans (Earth-616)/Appearances, Crimson Cadre (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Eelak (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Glaboo (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Margoyle (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Pulssus (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Rootar (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Falcona (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Leonus (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Stallior (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Ator (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Ahura Boltagon (Earth-616)/Mentions, Transia/Appearances, Wundagore Mountain/Appearances, Attilan/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Hudson River/Appearances, Sword of Might/Appearances, Terrigen Crystals/Appearances

Quicksilver Vol 1 6


Quicksilver Vol 1 6

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