The Queen of Crime was a notorious mob leader who was active during the late 1940s. By 1946 she and her loyal gang of male criminals had committed a series of robberies and murders across New York City. When they next robbed the National Trust Bank they were opposed by the Human Torch and Toro. However, the Queen of Crime had anticipated this move and called reinforcements allowing her to escape. Those of her gang who were captured were too smitten by their boss to reveal her location.

The Queen of Crime then arranged to have Toro kidnapped and threatened to kill the boy if the Human Torch did not join her organization. Going to the Queen's hideout, the Torch pretended to agree to her conditions and listened to her plans to rob an armored truck. The Torch and Toro then broke free and attempted to stop the Queen and her gang only to be trapped in an asbestos lined room with compressing walls. The Queen left them to die in order to commit her crime, but the two heroes managed to escape. Fleeing the scene in the car, the Queen and her gang got into a car accident and were arrested.

As she was recovering in the hospital, the Human Torch visited the Queen to tell her that after she had recovered fully from her injuries she would face capital punishment. [1] If this was her ultimate fate or not remains unknown.


Various firearms.

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