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The Queega send expeditions to blind population of planets, and then teleported the entire mineral resources of those planets back to the Quolan solar system.[1]

At some point, they tried to invade Earth, they were opposed and defeated by Daredevil.[1]

At another point, they were invaded and vanquished by the Skrulls, and Hadith was defeated and enslaved by the Skrull Pantheon.[2]

Powers and Abilities


They can project waves of coldness from their hands[3]


None known.

Average Strength level

Normal human.[1]


None known.


Habitat: Large polar ice caps, with 83% of the surface covered by water
Gravity: 95% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen
Population: 4.1 billion


Type of Government: Totalitarian rule by sole political party[3]
Level of Technology: Interstellar ships with warp driven starships, and teleportation technology[3]
Cultural Traits: Exploitative;[3] On the hatchday of their god Hadith, Omen-Maker, Path-Lighter, the Queega fasted.[2]


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