Puternicstan was a contested land near the borders of Latveria and Symkaria.[1]

Early history

For two centuries, the region was passed back and forth between the (aggressor) nations surrounding it,[1] with Puternicstan remaining a disputed territory between Latveria and Symkaria.[2]

Decades from now, when Strelonivich was six years old, the Symkarian tanks invaded the country. Their soldiers killed and raped, and treated the locals no better than animals.[3]

The Latverians replaced them four years later, then the Soviets, whose occupation brought a relative rest in comparison.[3]

It is possible that Doom or Dracula (from Transylvania) also invaded or threatened the country in the past.[4]

Modern days

Governor Strelonivich's leadership

After Uranium was discovered in Puternicstan's soil, Symkarians troops massed on the border, and Latveria seemingly advanced on Romanian territory, prompting the NATO[1] and U.N. to declare a no-fly zone, to prevent a conflict over the territorial dispute opposing Latveria and Symkaria,[2] to declare a no-fly zone, to prevent a conflict over Puternicstan, with War Machine there to represent both NATO and the U.S. Government.[1]

To take a big step toward the independence of Puternicstan, Governor Strelonivich and General Nobakov had Sentinels stolen in Chechnya (during a transaction between Chechen fighters and arms dealers), prompting the attention of the X-Men.[1] While Nobakov thought of using those only as deterrents, Strelonivich wanted to invade and defeat Symkaria and Latveria (in retaliation for her youth).[3]

As soon as a Sentinel was spotted in Puternicstan, Symkarian air-fighters violated their air-space and the no-fly zone was cancelled, the U.N. considering that Symkaria had every right it take steps to defend itself. As War Machine and the X-Men tried to take the Sentinel program down, it was proof-tested (to be able to designate any target as mutant for the Sentinels to attack) by attacking War Machine.

From then, the governor turned toward the invasion of Symkaria[3] (which would be followed by attacks on every borders as a show of strength to guaranty Puternicstan's safety). In consequences, many nuclear powers, including China and Russia put their nuclear assets on alerts.

To stop the Sentinel Army and prevent confrontation with Symkarian air-fighters, Storm summoned a hurricane in their path[4] to stop them just before they reached the Symkarian border.

At this point, General Nobakov, tired of the cycle of blood, refused to go further and attempted to arrest the governor, leading to his own arrest. The actions of the X-Men, War Machine and Nobakov led to the destruction of every single Sentinel, cancelling the threat to Symkaria.[5]

General Nobakov's leadership

With help from NATO and War Machine, Nobakov was installed as Puternicstan's new leader, and he had the governor judged and imprisoned under Puternicstan's law.

The U.N. and War Machine were to keep monitoring the region, though it seemed fairly stable at this point.[5]



While Puternicstan is mainly defined by its proximity to Latveria and Symkaria (as it was a contested land between the two countres),[1] it is mostly bordered by Serbia at south and west. Hungary borders it by north.[3]


The finding of Uranium provided significant wealth to Puternicstan.[3]


Formerly Symkarians, Latverians, Soviets.[3]

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