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The Green Goblin first experimented his notorious pumpkin bombs against Spider-Man and the Human Torch at the Avenue Dinner Club[1].

A while later, the Green Goblin shot some smoke bombs against Lucky Lobo's men to confuse them[2].
The Green Goblin then tossed stun bombs against the Crime Master, who was hidden by the smoke exhausted by the Goblin Glider[3].

A short time later, he concocted a gas pumpkin bomb to prevent Spider-Man's Sense from working[4].

Goblin also used the pumpkin bombs as stunners, as well as a special anti-Spider-Man explosive[5].

He later used another gas pumpkin bomb against Spidey, emitting vapors that made Spider-Man's head begin to spin. He also threw some pumpkin bombs at him to keep him off-balance, in order to safely escape on his Goblin Glider[6].

During their next fight, the Green Goblin used some glue bombs to stun Spidey, and then hurled him a new kind of pumpkin bomb: one that soaked through his costume, and took away Spider-Man's ability to adhere to any surface[7].

A pumpkin bomb was later used by Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale) to blow up a building in Brooklyn where he was hiding a numer of previously abducted children and parents[8].

A box of unused pumpkin bombs were later found dy Spider-Man in the abandoned Osborn Industries building[9].

Hobgoblin used several pumpkin bombs against the Scarlet Spider to collapse the whole ceiling and bury him underneath[10].

He also hurled a pumpkin bomb against Kaine, who was eventually saved by the Scarlet Spider[11].

The pumpkin bombs were also used by the new Green Goblin against Firefist[12].

A short time later, Hobgoblin hurled a pumpkin bomb that exploded and destroyed the factory where Cell-12 was in.[13]

When he kidnapped Spider-Man, Norman Osborn used a gas pumpkin specially designed to interact with his blood chemistry, making Spidey disoriented and weak.[14]

Several pumpkin bombs were used to blow up the warehouse on the East River where Spider-Man and the Punisher were confronting Shotgun.[15]
The Green Goblin (Construct) used another pumpkin bomb to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge and block the police.[16]
A while later, pumpkin bombs were used against the guards who were protecting Roderick Kingsley from being kidnapped.[17]
Hobgoblin then employed a gas-goblin to stop Spider-Man from rescuing Daniel Kingsley.[18]

Some pumpkin bombs were left behind by the Green Goblin to leave no witnesses.[19]
He later threw a pumpkin bomb to let Spider-Man and Aunt May escape his mansion in Upstate New York.[20]
When the Green Goblin was finally defeated by Spider-Man, one last pumpkin bomb, more powerful than ever before, detonated just below the Daily Bugle Building.[21]


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