Puerto Benito is a region in Costa Rica, Central America.


Havok and Polaris were in Puerto Benito after travelling to various other places in the world. Polaris concocted new back stories for them and they befriend an elderly couple. Havok tried to convince olaris to come back to the Xavier Institute, but revealed that he wouldn’t be anywhere without her. An elderly couple were attacked by members of the Sapien League, until Havok battled them and they retreat.Havok and Polaris then began to leave Puerto Benito, but on their way, they see something fall from the sky and Polaris knew that it is what she saw in space. Upon closer inspection, they discover some sort of green bulbous shaped creature "Daap".[1] While Havok and Polaris argued over the alien as Polaris believed she could get her powers back. The Leper Queen attacked the powerless Polaris. Havok came to her rescue, before using his powers to blow up Daap. Only it results in the discorporate form of Daap taking a hold of both Polaris and the Leper Queen and flying off into the air. [2]

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