The Public Eye was Alchemax Corporation's private police force. It operated from Public Eye Headquarters in Nueva York, and its officers reported to Alchemax Board of Directors members, including Vice President Tyler Stone,[5] Director General Anderthorp Henton,[6] and Darryl King, better known as Fearmaster.[7] When both Anderthorp Henton[8] and Fearmaster were killed,[2] Stone became in charge of the Public Eye.[9]

The Public Eye act both as a militia for Alchemax, on Earth but also on the Mars mining colonies, and as a remunerated police-force for the public, without caring about the grief. In this optic, rich people such as black-carders weren't targeted or arrested.

One of their mission is to take down the Punisher, because of his free actions, the opposite of the Public Eye's policy: Police's services are non-free, and attacking black-carders criminals.[10] They charge Jake Gallows to take down this vigilante, unknowing he's the Punisher.

They were commissioned by Alchemax to take down the former CEO of ECO Corp, Paul-Philip Ravage.

One Nation Under Doom

When Doom successfully take-over USA, he disbands all police force to gather them into one: the SHIELD, and intended to put the Punisher at his head.[11][12]

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