Quote1 I feel like I just jumped through a two-story window. I suppose because I did. Quote2
-- Sheva Callister

Appearing in "City by the Spire"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sheva Calliter
  • Parnell

Supporting Characters:

  • The Iron Mage
  • Daersidian Ringshire
  • Brusselt Airmol
  • Lord Dorant Khatru


  • Gattara Vladaam
  • Godfred Vladaam
  • Aliaster Vladaam
  • Lilith


  • Ptolus
    • Kervis Killraven's compound
    • Vladaam mansion
    • Tavern
  • Dark Sanctuary
  • The Iron Mage's home, (First appearance)


  • Hungersword
  • Book of Whispering Souls

Synopsis for "City by the Spire"Edit

This issue picks up right where five left off with the Iron Mage and Sheva Callister trying to figure out what to do now. Apparently, the Hound was killed in the battle and the Iron Mage shows his gratitude to Sheva for helping him with Kervis. It is around this time that Sheva notices her hungersword is missing, taken by Gattara Vladaam back to her father as a birthday present. The Iron Mage offers Sheva his assistance in retrieving the blade. Before long, the infiltrate the Vladaam mansion and face off against the siblings Gattara, Aliaster and Godfred. While Sheva duels with Godfred, the Iron Mage makes little work of Aliaster and Gattara. Ultimately, the Iron Mage holds them at bay and threatens that if they ever go against Sheva again, he will personally see them at an end.

The Iron Mage then transports himself and Sheva to his home, which is halfway across the world. He takes the Book of Whispering Souls from Sheva to study while Sheva wanders his compound. Eventually, he summons her and she is finally reunited with Parnell, he ghost friend. It turns out that Aliaster had used a spell that had trapped Parnell's soul, so he remembers nothing since trying to escape the Vladaam compound in issue one. With his debt seemingly paid, the Iron Mage transports Sheva and Parnell back to Ptolus. In the Dark Sanctuary, Lilith is fuming over the failed attempt by the Hound. One of her major demons finds the resolution favorable, since now they know the Iron Mage can be subdued. If it had not been for Sheva, he would be gone. They make plans to make sure she isn't around when they try to "take the city" so Sheva and the Iron Mage can team up again.

At the Ptolus tavern, Sheva reunites with a healthy Brusselt and Daersidian, who then proceed to liven up their adventures for Parnell. They leave the tavern later and are stopped by Lord Dorant Khatru, the main reason they were in Ptolus. He wanted to know if, after two weeks, Sheva had gotten the Brooch of Khatru from House Vladaam. She in fact had and hands it over to him in return for a scroll. Sheva tells Parnell that Kervis Killraven had the Brooch and that their reward was a map to a temple that apparently held the secrets of bringing a ghost back to life. The series ends with Sheva asking Parnell "Ready for another adventure?"

  • No special notes.

  • Rated T+
  • Street date of April 4, 2007 with a price of $2.99.
  • In the Iron Mages abode, he has a number of interesting creatures, including a cockatrice, a wyvern, and a sabertooth tiger. There also appears to be a Beholder and a gremlin not unlike Gizmo from the movie Gremlins.
  • Part of the trade paper back collection Ptolus: City by the Spire TPB. Also, this issues cover is used as the TPB's cover.

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