Quote1 What am I doing here? I'm totally out of my depth Quote2
-- Sheva Callister

Appearing in "City by the Spire"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sheva Calliter

Supporting Characters:

  • The Iron Mage


  • The Hound
  • Kervis Killraven
  • Gattara Vladaam


  • Ptolus
    • Kervis Killraven's compound


  • Hungersword
  • Book of Whispering Souls

Synopsis for "City by the Spire"Edit

The issue beings with the Iron Mage still asking for the book from Sheva while the Hound runs amok in the compound below. The Iron Mage states that he believes the Hound is there for the book. He explains to Sheva that the Book of Whispering Souls, which she hopes can help her ghost friend Parnell, is actually also a Hound that has been trapped into book form. They watch as Kervis Killraven charges at the creature on horseback. The Iron Mage joins her after warning Sheva he will be back for the book. Not wishing to give it over, Sheva begins to sneak away and instead finds Gattara Vladaam doing the same. Sheva confronts her and states she knows the Vladaam's wish for her hungersword. Because she does not want his help, Killraven leaves the Hound to the Iron Mage and returns inside where she encounters a dazed Sheva who had been fighting Gattara. With ease, Killraven is able to subdue Sheva and take the Book. She then contemplates killing the Iron Mage while he is distracted fighting the Hound.

Acting on this impulse, Killraven knocks the Iron Mage down and gloats a bit before going for the killing blow. Sheva, however, steps in and strikes at Killraven long enough for Iron Mage to recover some senses. He uses a spell and Killraven and her stallion disappear. While the two contemplate what to do, the Hound seems to slink off, as does Gattara. She doesn't leave empty-handed, though, since she was able to swipe Sheva's hungersword when Killraven had Sheva winded. The issue ends with Gattara gloating over the sword.

  • No special notes.

  • Rated T+
  • Street date of March 14, 2007 with a price of $2.99.
  • has the cover of this issue being the cover of issue #6 instead. The cover that is shown for this issue is from the previous one, where Daesridian is standing in front of the defeated skeletal snakes with Brusselt injured at his feet.[1]
  • The style of the characters of the Iron Mage and of Kervis Killraven is quite different from the previous issue. This may be because Luis Lara was the artist on the previous issue while Caanan White returned with this one.
  • Part of the trade paper back collection Ptolus: City by the Spire TPB.

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