Quote1 Don't worry. There shouldn't be anything else to worry about down here."
"No! Nothing good ever came from someone saying something like that in an ancient crypt. Don't you know anything? Quote2
-- Sheva Callister & Brusselt Airmol

Appearing in "City by the Spire"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sheva Callister

Supporting Characters:

  • Daersidian Ringshire
  • Brusselt Airmol
  • Mand Scheben, (First appearance)


  • Narros, (First appearance)
  • Skeleton soldiers, (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Crypt worm, (First appearance)


  • Ptolus
    • Temple of Asche, (First appearance)
    • Sewers of Ptolus, (First appearance)
      • Crypt of Narros, (First appearance)


  • Hungersword

Synopsis for "City by the Spire"Edit

This issue begins in the Temple Asche, where the high priest Mand Scheben is using healing to bring Sheva back from the brink of death after being shot up by the Shuul at the end of the previous issue. After a brief respite, Mand converses with Sheva about an arcane spellbook which had come to the city recently. It might be from this book that Allister had used a spell that did something to Pallen. It turns out the book is currently in the possession of Kevris Killraven, who Sheva is beginning to think orchestrated everything along with House Vladaam . Before Sheva leaves, though, Mand tells her of a very unusual presence currently in the city (most likely the hellhound that entered in the previous issue). Sheva, Daersidian, and Brusselt decided to crash the meeting between Killraven and Gatara Vladaam by coming from underneath them through the sewers.

While navigating the sewers, the three encounter first a crypt worm, then the crypt of Narros, a wizard. Sheva sets off a magical trap by accident, but the group regroups, only to face off against some skeletons while waiting for Brusselt to open a locked door. After he does so, they are now in a expansive room with a bridge where more undead skeletons await them. The dispatch with these as well, after a close call on Brusselt's part, and continue on only to be confronted by the skeleton of Narros himself. He demands their lives for defiling his resting place as the issue ends.

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