Quote1 I don't want to kill anyone if I don't have to."
"That's how these things always begin but that's never how they end. Quote2
-- Sheva Callister & Daersidian Ringshire

Appearing in "City by the Spire"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sheva Callister
  • Pallen

Supporting Characters:

  • Norvan, waiter of House Khatru, (First appearance)
  • Daersidian Ringshire, (First appearance)
  • Brusselt Airmol, (First appearance)


  • Godfred Vladaam
  • Allister Vladaam

Other Characters:

  • Werewolf guards of House Vladaam
  • Hellhound, (First appearance)
  • The Shuul, (First appearance)


  • Dragon's Lair, (First appearance)
  • Ptolus
    • House Vladaam
    • House Khatru, (First appearance)
    • Tavern, (First appearance)
  • Gaen Temple, (First appearance)


  • Hungersword
  • Vail of liquid light
  • Crown of Ki-Lias, (First appearance)

Synopsis for "City by the Spire"Edit

The issue begins with a flashback of three years ago, showing Sheva and Pallen taking on the dragon to get the Crown of Ki-Lias. The flashback ends after Pallen is incinerated. Back in the present, Sheva is still facing off against Godfred Vladaam as Allister Vladaam, his brother, looks on. They are demanding her hungersword, which Sheva had revealed in the first issue that it was something their father, Itistrul, wanted. Using an old magical device, she is able to escape through the window only to be surrounded by werewolves such as those she encountered on the way in. She explains what she had done to their companions and that they should know she has a hungersword. They back off as she gets away. Elsewhere, a hellhound enters the city, most likely in search of Sheva.

The following day, Sheva begins to investigate who might be behind the trap at House Vladaam. She believes Lord Dorant of Khatru believed the Brooch of Khatru really was there, but to play safe, she tries to get answers from Norvan, a waiter/butler of House Khatru. He tells her that the information on the Brooch came from Havander, a mage working for the Sorn, a mercenary sorcerer group. Deciding she needs back up, Sheva calls upon old friends Daersidian Ringsire and Brusselt Airmol who agree without any questions. Another one page flashback shows Sheva conferring with a Gaen priest about bringing Pallen back, but since he was holding the Crown when incinerated, he is stuck between worlds. She then vows to get a necromancers help.

The three go to find the sorcerer, but encounter the Shuul guarding the place. The Shuul are an organization bent on bringing science and technology back to the forefront of the world. After invisibly scouting the building, Brusselt says there are many Shuul and some mages inside. The three agree that the direct approach would be best. Another quick flashback before the battle shows Pallen and Sheva talking for the first time thanks to ghostweed. He is grateful for her being his friend and doing this. Sheva confronts Havander after a bloody entrance to his hideout and questions him where he got his information. It turns out it came from Kevis Killraven, one of two major players in the criminal underworld of Ptolus. With their guard down, they didn't realize that additional Shuul were in the complex. They come bursting through the door, guns blazing, and gun down Sheva. The issue ends with a panel of her shot to hell looking dead.

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