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Prowler Vol 2 6


Prowler Vol 2 6

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Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 5 001
Peter Parker
So, Hobie, what do you want to do now?
Conversation Tail
Hobie Brown (Earth-616) from Prowler Vol 2 5 001
Hobie Brown
I have no idea.
Conversation Tail

Appearing in the 1st StoryEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Prowler ("Hobie Brown") (Mentioned)
  • Jackal (Ben Reilly) (Mentioned)
  • Demetri (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • NYPD (Old Man Prowler) (Only Appearance)[1] (Behind the scenes) (Only in flashforward)
  • Mayor of New York City (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Avengers (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
    • Ms. Marvel (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
    • Spider-Man (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
    • Tyrannosaurus Mech (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
    • Iron Heart (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Red Skull (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Red Skull's Cyber-Enhanced Corpse Warriors Army (Old Man Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Unnamed girl (Criminal Prowler) (Only Appearance)[1] (Only in flashforward)
  • Unnamed girl's father (Criminal Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • NYPD (Criminal Prowler) (Mentioned) (Only in flashforward)
  • Mindy McPherson (Hobie Brown has a family) (Only Appearance)[1]
  • Hobie and Mindy's children (Hobie Brown has a family) (Only Appearance)[1]

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Flashforward and main story)



Solicit Synopsis:Edit

• In the aftermath of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Hobie Brown tries to return to normal life.

• But as miraculous as it may be, resurrection can sometimes bring ruin, and Hobie’s friendship with the Amazing Spider-Man is far from safe.

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  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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